Kristy's Story

The natural world has always been an important part of my life. I remember helping my dad in the garden from a very young age and I spent most of my childhood playing outdoors. Since my dad works for the US Forest Service, my family has always lived in small communities in some of the most beautiful places in the western US. I was born in Wyoming, and spent time growing up in northern California and then the Black Hills of South Dakota.

I believe that this early connection to the natural world was influential in my decision to study biology. I moved to Portland, OR in 2006 to attend Reed College, graduating in 2010, and I have been here ever since. After serving a year as an AmeriCorp volunteer teaching environmental education, I returned to Reed to coordinate their Science Outreach program. Now I spend the majority of my day supporting Reed students as they visit local area elementary schools to bring them weekly fun, hand-on, inquiry-based science programing. I am passionate about supporting education!

Even though I enjoy my day job most of the time, I still enjoy the time I spend gardening, cooking and enjoying the simple things in life even more. I look forward to continuing to learn additional self-sufficiency skills, and to eventually devoting most of my day to this types of projects. However, even on the homestead, I know that giving back to the community and supporting education will always be an important part of my life. I dream of eventually developing an educational center as part of our homestead, where children and adults in the community can learn about science, homesteading, and building community!

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