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Welcome! Nature, Nurture Grow is blog about Kristy and Nathan as they strive to build a simple life that values family, community, and the natural world. This blog exists to inspire others as we document our transition from urban to rural homesteading and our journey to prepare for, buy, and eventually build our life on a homestead. We hope that we can share the lessons we learn through our successes and setbacks to help others live a simple, family-centered life.


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The long version:

Nathan and I have known each other since high school. Friendship eventually blossomed into love and after beginning our relationship in 2004 and marrying in 2010, we have helped each other to grow and to build dreams together.

Married at last!
Family is one of our most dearly held values. For many years we both followed the same path as many young adults in the US. We moved away from our home in South Dakota to attend college in Portland, OR, we received our degrees, and then began what usually is expected to be a 40+ year career. We began our lives as a married couple and as new members of the working economy in the same year. It didn’t take long for us to become disillusioned with this trajectory… We knew that we were happiest when we were spending time with each other or our families. Yet, we spent the majority of our time working apart from each other. I couldn’t even imagine how difficult it would be once we had children! We knew that there had to be a different path that we could follow.  

We began searching for a different way to live and soon realized that there were many people who shared our sentiments. Since the natural world and gardening had always been an important part of my upbringing, the idea of a small farm or homestead appealed to me. And there were many people already living this dream. There were families living self-sufficient lives and making enough income from their land or small home-businesses to live simple lives with their family… The only problem seemed to be that most of the families that had achieved this goal either were independently wealthy or had inherited a family farm… We had neither of these advantages.

So we began to plan for a way to build our dreams. Soon we came up with a plan to…
Learning the skills. Volunteering with
with the Portland Fruit Tree Project.
  • Save enough money to buy land, build housing/infrastructure as necessary, and to have a little left over to give us cushion time until our homestead-based business ventures become profitable. (In order to support ourselves with limited income once we move to the homestead, we hope to be mortgage free before we move to the homestead.)
  • Begin to learn the skills we will need now, before we move to the homestead (including both homesteading skills and how to live frugally).
  • Search for a region and community were we would like to eventually build our homestead. We have begun a search for a place where we could afford to buy land, and would allow us to live a sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyle.

…and we hope to do this all in the next 5 years (by the summer of 2018). So this blog will be a record of our journey to achieve our dreams. And hopefully a record of what happens once we achieve them!


  1. How great! We are one of those families sharing your sentiments. Would love a self-sustained life on a homestead. We bought 20 acres not long ago but it is going to take some time to save up enough money to move there. Good luck to you!

  2. Thank you! The best part about starting the blog so far has been connecting with like-minded families. I hope that your journey toward your homestead doesn't take too long. I know how hard it can be waiting. Good luck to you too!

  3. I love your pages! Good luck with everything. Wendy, NZ


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