December 22, 2014

Another Update from Our Busy Lives

Hi everyone. Sorry that we haven't been around for so long. I know that we said we would try to get back this winter once things slowed down... but that never really happened. Instead once we wrapped up another successful growing season, I decided to add more to my plate. In particular, I just started grad school (while still trying to maintain a full time job...and everything else).

"What?" you say. Isn't that the opposite of saving up money to move to your homestead? Well in some ways maybe, but my life plans are always adjusting as life happens and this is just another example. The homestead is still the goal (and our savings are still pretty much on track!). However, since we know that we will be in Portland at least until  Nathan is vested in his retirement plan that changes the equation somewhat.

Since we will be in Portland for awhile that will give me plenty of time to earn my Master's degree and then hopefully move eventually into a position with a higher salary... so hopefully in the end we will break even or come out ahead even when you concider the cost of tuition (which is actually very reasonable at Portland State University).

However, my decision wasn't just about the money. I have had a lifelong love of learning and so it is really nice to be back in school. For most of my life it has also been a goal to earn a graduate degree (one of those bucket list things), so I am really glad that I will have the chance to do that before we abandon the city. And finally, I still love the world education and I know that I will always be involved in the education world, even after we move to the homestead. So whether that will mean finding a part-time job at a local non-profit or college or hopefully in the form of founding my dream community education center, a master's degree shouldn't hurt.

And so what is Nathan doing? He has been keeping himself busy as well. After two years serving in AmeriCorps he had a fair amount of money left from his education award (a fund of money you receive to use towards education costs after you complete your service). He has been using that money to take a few classes as well. So far he has taken a small engine repair class and the Oregon master naturalist class. He is thinking about taking some more practical classes such as arborist/tree care classes, electricity for the non-electrician, and welding.

And then here in Portland I see the garden season fast approaching. We will have our first Group Garden meeting this week and it will just pick up from there. We also have pictures from some of our homesteading projects that I will hopefully post about someday... because I do hope to pick the blog back up eventually. I plan to leave the blog up for now since I know that there are resources that people still use, and I will try to post at least the occasional update for now. And I know that it will be here to build back up if/when we can find the time.

Until then! Stay warm out there!

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  1. I've missed your updates! Congratulations on starting your grad degree, Kristy! I'm sure you'll love it. Post when you can (you too, Nate!). For some reason now I'm craving beets...


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