July 21, 2014

Homestead Seasonality: The Summer Rush

I really like to keep myself busy, and I sometimes take on more projects than I can realistically handle at once... which is probably why I started this blog last October, right as canning season finished up and I started looking for ways to fill up my suddenly free(er) time. How quickly I forgot all those long days of trying to fit in gardening, preserving, enjoying Oregon's short sunny season, catching up with friends and family, and working a full time job.

Busy as a bee...

When you base your life on something as inherently seasonal as homesteading, there are moments of rest and moments where you feel that you can barely keep up with the rush. We are definitely in the rush stage. Our to-do list has grown exponentially, every spare minute is spent outside, and harvesting and canning season is already starting in earnest.

So as noble as my intentions in October were to blog at least 3 times a week were, and then down to at least 2 times a week as we started seeds in the spring, and then at least once a week once we starting planting in the garden, I am not sure how realistic those expectations were. So maybe someday I will find a way to manage my time so that I can blog more regularly, but for now I find that I can't pull myself away from the garden long enough to accomplish that goal. So we will continue to blog, but probably not as regularly during the summer months. Although once the slower season returns in September/October I will be happy to pick it back up more frequently. I miss interacting with everyone!

In the meantime be sure to follow us on Instagram... since I can post pictures from there even in the garden.

But since I managed to pull myself inside for little while (and Nathan was sweet enough to ofter to make dinner all by himself tonight), here is a tour of what we have been up to in the garden.

In the Garden

Our own little individual plots are bursting with life. We are having salads nearly every night and all the warm weather crops are officially in the ground and thriving.  It has been fun watching the progression as things grow, since I have at least been doing a good job of taking photos. Watch it grow!

Group Gardens

We have had a successful season so far. We work together with our neightbors to care for a communal field that grows some of the more space intensive crops. I love working side-by-side with friends and neighbors. And we have started to harvest quite the bounty!

General Bounty and Beauty

And I can't help but marvel at the people and the place we live in and to be grateful for all we have. Here are a few sights from around the Ecovillage.

And A New Project

As if I didn't have enough on my plate, I may have adopted another individual plot (Nathan is starting to call me the "saver of lost plots..." I decided I just didn't quite have enough room for fall crops... so I have another 100 sq ft to put them in now! Looks like there will be no time for sleep for me!


  1. I totally know what you mean about taking on way too much at a time, but it looks like you are getting a lot done and it's beautiful. and...Wow! Those beets are gorgeous!

  2. Wow! Those photos are fantastic. Thank you for posting them!

    As great as it is to put up new blog posts, it makes sense to focus on the (growing) task at hand. :-) May your harvest be bountiful!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Tracy. I am not sure how some of those blogger keep up with it all. We will be back more regularly when things slow down a little.


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