April 9, 2014

Marathon Preparation-Bell Creek Trail

Hello to all of our loyal readers (and to the unloyal ones too I suppose). One of the activities that Kristy and I are engaging in when we are not working or gardening is preparing for the Timberline Marathon and Half-Marathon being held at the end of May at Timothy Lake in the Mt. Hood National Forest. Kristy is preparing to run her first half-marathon while I am hoping to run my first marathon (I have done a few half-marathons in the past).

Triple Falls in the Columbia River Gorge
We have printed out a running schedule to help us prepare for our respective races. These schedules list every day from now until the race with suggested distances to run on each day. The idea is that you build up to running long distances in a prepared and hopefully injury free way. Once a week there is a long run that really helps build up the distance.

Monday was my long run day (since I work a Tuesday-Saturday schedule).

A view of the Columbia River from the trail.

Since it is a lovely sunny day here in Portland (sorry for rubbing it in eastern 2/3 of U.S.), I decided to run the Bell Creek Trail in the Columbia River Gorge. It was a gorgeous 15 mile run if not the most straight forward. Many sections of the trail ended up being too steep to run. And the middle section contained these fascinating Cedar wetlands and springs. Unfortunately for several miles through this section the trail became a creek (not the most conducive to running). So ultimately it took a long time to complete, but it was definitely worth it for the scenery. It is particularly satisfying to train in beautiful places such as this. Kristy and I will definitely have more pictures to share from our runs in the coming weeks.

Is it a creek or a trail? It's both!

A mossy bend in the trail.

One of my favorite wildflowers, The fairy slipper (Calypso bulbosa var. occidentalis)

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