March 5, 2014

Happy Birthday and Happy Retirement (sort of) Mommy!

Today is an important day. My mommy's birthday! And it isn't only her birthday. It is her first day of retirement...sort of.

For the last 12.5 years Mom has worked at the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research. She painted dinosaur replicas, which is pretty cool. Her job put both me and my sister through college for which we will always be grateful... especially since it wasn't easy with all the fumes and less glamorous parts of the job. So I am very glad that she is going to move on.

She won't be retiring fully, she will still help out at a local catering business when they are busy, but she also will get some more time to finally spend on her art. Before I came along, my mom ran her own business selling woodwork featuring her pen-and-ink artwork. But then I did come along, and didn't exactly cooperate by letting her get any work done...

So she turned her attention to raising me and then my sister. For the last 26 years she has mostly focused on being the best mommy we could have asked for! I know that I didn't always appreciate everything she did for us, but as I get older I see more and more how much she sacrificed and how much she has done for us. As I get older I especially have begun to relize the wisdom of her advice and how much I have learned from her. I only hope that I can be as great of a mom as her.

So after a long sabatical, she will finally get some well deserved time back to herself. Now it is time for me to ramp up Operation-Convince-Mom-to-Move-to-the-Homestead-With-Us... wahahahaha... (maniacal laugh).

Love you and Happy Birthday Mommy!


  1. Yes to Operation-Convince-Mom-to-Move-to-the-Homestead-With-Us!!! (Maybe an art studio as a bribe?)

  2. Happy birthday Cindy!!! :) what a beautiful letter!


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