November 13, 2013

Running through the Columbia River Gorge

A misty day at Cape Horn

Last weekend I went for a trail run at Cape Horn on the Washington state side of the the Columbia River Gorge. This blog has encouraged me to start taking more pictures when I am out and about. Every once in a while I get something that I think other people will enjoy looking at.

Fall colors continue to be spectacular...for this part of the country

This post doesn't have much to do directly with homesteading other than I find it important to remember that getting exercise and spending time in nature are a few of the things that helps me deal with stress and to remember what is important. And the homestead will no doubt be stressful at I should keep in mind that it things like this will always help!

A Tolkienesque viewpoint into the fog

Looking straight up at a mossy rock scree

This section of the trail is closed during the winter because of nesting Peregrine Falcons

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