November 8, 2013

Reading Old Favorites: Made from Scratch

One of my first homestead inspirations!
Every night before bed, Nathan and I try to get in a little bit of reading. For the last week or so, I returned to a book that I read back in the early days when I was just starting to explore alternative life goals and to dream of farming & homesteading. I randomly found Made from Scratch on the book shelf of our local library in 2010, brought it home and quickly read it cover to cover.

At the time I dreamed of the day when we could live a life like the one described by the author. After a second reading, it is satisfying to see that we are well on our way. We have started many of the projects described in the book. This time around, I don't know that I learned anything new, but it was fun to read it again. Jenna Woginrich's enthusism is still contagious and this time it was especially fun for another reason.

I thought that I vaguely remembered that the book was set in Sandpoint, ID the first time I read the book. However, when I looked at Jenna's blog, I thought that I must have misremembered since she is now farming in northern New York. However, after reading this book again, I was pleasantly suprised to see that she did indeed write this book while living in Sandpoint! Since Nathan and I are now looking into northern Idaho as one of our potential new home communities, I read the book with a new appreciation and attention to her description of the place, the community, and the weather.

It also looks like Jenna has published several more books in the last few years, so they are now in the que for books that I plan on requesting from the library soon!

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