November 24, 2013

Losing Furry Family Members: In Memory of Lumos & Nox

On Wednesday night we said goodbye to our dear little Lumos: our frugal dog, my blogger rat, my sweet little fur-baby. His death was another tough night in what has been a rough couple of months, starting when we found his first tumor in late August, followed by an unsuccessful tumor removal surgery. A short time later, we lost his brother Nox in September to a respiratory infection that the meds couldn't get under control. So this fall has been about trying to enjoy the babies as much as possible while we watched them grow sicker and sicker. It is so hard to loose them but they brightened our lives so much.

Lumos was our little lap rat. He loved taking naps with his mommy and daddy.

Perhaps you could argue that if we were really serious about saving money that we would choose to forgo pets altogether. However, we are the type of people that would feel very deprived without furry little members of the family and we have always maintained that it was important to not budget to the extreme that we started cutting out things that were important to us.

We are both cat people, and the homestead will probably end up being quite the menagerie, but at this point in our lives we knew that it was important for us to not be too tied down by animals. Also, since we were on a pretty tight budget, we also knew that we shouldn't splurge on the expenses of a cat or we looked smaller.

Lumos was an important contributor to this blog. Almost every post was written with him on our lap.

Despite their reputation rats are truly wonderful pets. They love hanging out and interacting with their people, they are smart enough to train, and they are endlessly sweet and amusing family members. And practically they are far less expensive to keep and more transportable (and apartment friendly) than many other pets. The biggest downside is their short average lifespan of 2-3 years. Despite their short time with us, their memory still makes me smile. They were so much a part of almost every aspect of our lives. Here is a look back…

In their memory the first videos on our new Nature, Nurture, Grow YouTube Channel are of them. Soon we will start posting more explicitly homestead realated videos, but for now enjoy some baby rat cuteness!

Note: If you are receiving the email version of this post, you may not be able to view the following videos. Click here to watch them on our YouTube Channel...

They loved our homemade yogurt even more than we do. And since there isn't too much sugar in it, I didn't feel to bad about letting them help us use up the last bits in the yogurt jar.

Every couple of months I sit down and go through all of our receipts to keep track of every cent we spend and to make sure that we are staying within our budget. Lumos loved to help clean up the receipts. Especially after his brother died this fall, he earnestly began building nests to keep warm...and receipts were his favorite material.

And then sometimes...we just need to cuddle. We love you sweethearts! We will miss you...

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