October 30, 2013

We're Walking…and Talking…

One of the things that we try to everyday is go for a walk together. I am an exercise fanatic but our walking actually has little to do with that. Instead our walks provide an opportunity for Kristy and I to reconnect after a day away from each other. A walk allows us to find out how each other's day went and some of our deepest conversations occur on these walks. We probably have talked more about our homestead dream on these walks than at any other time. And instead of going out at night and spending money on a movie or a concert we go for walks together. It fits our philosophy and our budget.
My beautiful wife on a beautiful fall day at Cooper Mountain Nature Park

The other nice thing about walking together is when we get to walk/hike in a place that is particularly special to us. This past weekend we went to two parks where we used to walk all the time during the first year of of marriage when we lived in Beaverton, OR. It is a chance to connect with a sense of place, and in a way to reconnect with our past. One of the places was Cooper Mountain Nature Park where I worked for a year. It is just an hour away from where we live now, but it is enough distance that we only get there once or twice a year. When we started walking I was reminded of how much the park means to me and how much it still means to me. It is just a reminder that the people and places that hold special significance to us never really go away. It is nice to be reminded of that.

Kristy looking out on a remnant of original prairie habitat
View from the top of Cooper Mountain
We also walked in Tualatin Hills Nature Park, where I used to run frequently. One of the best parts about this park are the newts that you frequently encounter on the trails. A reminder that you can find nature even in the heart of the city.
Our friend the rough-skinned newt


  1. Damien and I, and our 3 kids, hike nearly every weekend. These hikes have been about so much more than being in nature. Our days outdoors together is when we dream and discuss and hash things out. If we miss a couple weekends, because of busy life stuff, we really notice it and need it, on more than just a physical exercise level. And we work at home together and spend nearly every day, every hour in each other's presence, with our kids. And we still need get away from it all and into nature to really connect (smile)

    1. That is exactly how we feel. Life (and a sick pet rat) has kind of gotten in the way the last couple of weeks, so we haven't been getting out as regularly. We can really feel how it has effected us both physically and mentally...


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