October 18, 2013

DIY Haircuts, Half-Finished Kimchi and Other Blogging Misadventures

First of all, the long anticipated post…what did I think about my DIY haircut?

For many women, I have a feeling that the thought of their husband cutting their hair would send them into a panic. And I admit, as he started to make the first cuts I started to use some breathing techniques to get through my sudden misgivings. However, I managed to make it though the entire process without losing my nerve. It probably helped that I have been trimming my own hair for the past year and I have never been overly concerned with making sure my hair is perfect. Oh and of course…I had faith that Nathan's perfectionist streak would serve him well for this task.

In the end, I was pleasantly surprised. I think that Nathan did an excellent job and I am glad to have a change (not to mention a short reprieve from cleaning out the shower drains). And as Nathan mentioned, it was free! Not too bad. It certainly isn't perfect, but I am satisfied. So what do you think?

Now if we only had thought to take before and after shots, not to mention pictures of the process so that I could have written more about how we cut my hair. If you would like to give it a try yourself, I based my cut off of the instructions from this post: How to Cut an Angled Bob Haircut. I would definitely recommend it!

Which brings me to my next point. There has been a bit more of steep learning curve as we begin this blog than I anticipated (at least for me). As I started projects this week, several times I took pictures at the beginning of the process…only to forget to continue taking pictures half-way through.

So based on the pictures I have available…I can only write up to half-finished Kimchi, half-finished green tomato enchilada sauce, and half finished yogurt. The good news…
they all turned out great! Now I will just need to work on following through with my photography so that I can share a more informative post with you the next time I start a batch!


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