October 20, 2013

A Fall Hike at Boulder Lake

A beautiful day at Boulder Lake.

We recently went for a hike at Boulder Lake in the Mt. Hood National Forest. It was a perfect fall day after a week of heavy rain and cold temperatures. This might be the last hurrah before the snow starts falling in the mountains. Here are some pictures to enjoy. The mushrooms were particularly interesting. It is important for Kristy and I to remember as we prepare for the homesteading lifestyle that we still need to make time to get out and enjoy nature. Enjoying the outdoors is one of the reasons we became interested in homesteading in the first place. If we couldn’t ever get off the farm to do the things we love, then what would be the point?

We believe this is an edible chanterelle. Can anybody ID this for us?

A cool but unknown mushroom along the trail.

Don't try this at home. Seriously. This might be a deadly amanita, the deadliest mushroom in the world!

A view of Mt. Hood from the trail. Notice the snow already on the ground?

Looking at Little Boulder Lake.

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