October 16, 2013

A Close Call- The DIY Haircut

Taking a do-it-yourself approach took an unexpected turn the other day, at least for me. Kristy has been giving me haircuts for at least two years. I wear my hair short, unadorned, and simple. She has really honed her technique and I am always satisfied. Plus it saves us $15-20 every two months or so.

But my hair seems simple to me since it is essentially just a trim. Kristy’s hair is another matter. She has been thinking about cutting her hair shorter for a few months. Three days ago she decided we were going for it. And by we I mean she was going to hand me a pair of scissors and tell me what to do. This is the first time she has not gone to a professional to have her hair cut.

I appreciated her trust in me but I couldn’t help thinking that it might have been misplaced.  I had never cut hair before and really had no clue what I was doing. But we went for it. She clipped her hair in place and then told me to cut as evenly as possible. I honestly felt like a bomb defuser with each cut of her hair a wire that could set off an explosion if improperly cut.

Before and after the grand experiment!
I won’t bore you with the minute details but needless to say we survived. It wasn’t perfect by any means, far from it. I spent just as much time trying to fix my initial cuts as the initial cuts themselves. Yet we experimented and adapted and came out with a satisfactory situation (at least as much as could be expected.) Plus we saved $60 that would have been spent at a hair salon. Every little bit saved helps. And sometimes you just got to fake it ‘til you make it. But here is a picture so you can judge for yourselves.

(Kristy's note: we are definitely going to have to get a better after shot before I write about my perspective on the experience for Friday...)

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